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Jackie Heyen is a Singer/Songwriter with many musical passions.  She is a composer of Electo-Acoustic music, folk music and a multi-media artist.  Her passion is helping people find their voice. She speaks and sings about her personal struggle with an Eating Disorder, Depression and Self-Injury.  Music is how she found her voice after a lifetime of silence.  Jackie believes that "if you find your passion you will find your voice" and that "anyone and everyone deserves a life without an Eating Disorder or Self-Injury." Her songs on her debut album
Journey to Worthy are pro-recovery songs. Jackie sings with just a guitar because she says "I wore a mask for so long that I was afraid too much background music would be yet another mask.  The songs are about the words.  They just happen to be to music."

Journey To Worthy CD on Sale
$10 includes shipping
Proceeds go to the BlueRoad project
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Jackie speaking about Grace the Recovery
Jackie is on a new journey.

Check out BlueRoad

Life on the road with her 2 dogs, 1 cat and her Harley called Blue.

Discovering the deeper journey.

Follow her adventure at jhblueroad.com

My Harley
                called Blue pulling out home through the mountains of
My Harley called Blue pulling our home in the mountains of Montana

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